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Vi bloggar om det nya ledarskapet, Holy F*ck, Life Design och vad som är på G hos oss. Vi, som inte är som alla andra....

We blog about the new leadership, Holy F*ck, Life Design and what is going on in our lives. We, who dare to be different....

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Holy F*ck and Sacred Water Book Release Celebration July 1, 2020

We had an online celebration of the birth of Holy F*ck and Sacred Water: The Secret Connections to Everything on July 1, 2020. We celebrated twice and have recorded one of them for you so you can tune into the energy of it!

  • We share how the journey started and why
  • We read from the book
  • We hear from some of our readers what their experiences were
  • We answer questions

Holy F*ck and Sacred Water Book Release

W. Ulrika Karlsson & Tora Zophia Silverhøj

The Elemental Lifestyle Podcast

The Elemental Lifestyle" Podcast to celebrate the new book, Holy F*ck, Sacred Water, Tora Zophia( Susana) and Ulrika.

If you are struggling with understanding what your sacred water is and how to share water with yourself and others then this is the time to listen.

Are you ready to release perfectionism and embrace the raw and real creative process?

We show you what it is like to burst through the self-abuse of perfectionism by welcoming in the potency of our sexuality.

And a special invitation to the Masculine for this show. We celebrate you and the fire of the Holy F*ck from the Masculine.

Juicy Waters of Holy F*ck

w. Ulrika Karlsson

Live the Impossible Show

We dive into the Juicy waters of Holy F*ck and Sacred Sexuality as Ullis Karlsson author of the new book Holy F*ck and Sacred Water and yogi, shares her unique gift. This is the first time she has revealed this gift to anyone other than very close friends.

We explore the dark side of sex and how to heal the traumas of sexual abuse and ‘#MeToo’ experiences. 

How does this connect to everything else in life?

Power of Embodiment

w. Ullis Karlsson

Live the Impossible Show

In this episode we dive deep into the power of embodiment and body intelligence. Ullis Karlsson shares her story of going from deep depression and anxiety into her awakening journey starting in a Swedish snowy forest.

After discovering yoga she followed the breadcrumbs into developing her personal feminine yoga practice and courses as an entrepreneur. Ullis shares her secret of how to manifest the impossible. We also chat about us all being leaders, the feminine and masculine powers and what it takes to feel fully alive.

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Take your power back - Live the Impossible

The Elemental Podcast

What would it be like to experience calm in these crazy times of a global pandemic?

"It always seems impossible until it is done." Nelson Mandela 


You don't have to go into the chaos. You can BE the Center of the Storm where it is calm and you choose how far you want to go into the chaos. 


"When we take radical responsibility we are free." Susana, Live The Impossible


Transcend the fear of separation and release the fullest possibilities within by connecting deeply with the frequency of your heart. 


What channel are you tuning into?

Where do you want to feel connection?

What are you going to focus on?


Susana and Olivier, from Live The Impossible re-affirm that everything is going to be ok. Trust. "You can't f*ck this up. You can make a decision."


This show is filled with so much love, laughter, insight and compassion. We encourage you to LIVE boldly and let go of the fear of taking your next steps. If there is resistance than that is exactly where you need to go. 


It is time to take our power back from external sources.

You can choose to be in pain and suffering or to allow an orgasmic experience in birthing the new reality of your life. 

The Face of Uncertainty

w. Oliver & Susana (Tora Zophia)

The elemental Podcast

What is the lifestyle that calls to you in your heart?

When you starting LIVING in your fullest experience you learn how to live with uncertainty. 

Join Bryan and Katrina with guests Oliver and Susana from LIVE THE IMPOSSIBLE show on ITUNES podcast. 

This is a invitation to take responsibility for the things that you are ready to clear. The element of water support the simple ways to allows uncertainty and embrace the simple. 

Relax into Expansion

w. Ullis Karlsson

Her Suite Spot

On today's show we will talk with Spiritual Teacher Ullis Karlsson. Ullis brings 30 years of experience in health and personal development to teach people how to heal stress. Ullis she teaches us how to Relax into Expansion with a simple meditation exercise.

Holistic Stress Management

with Ullis Karlsson

Andrew Hackett – Illimitable living

2020 has started off as a pretty crazy year. Most of us want to grab it, with the receipt for a full return to 2019, so we can start it all over again. The stress we have all experienced has tipped so many over the edge, if the lockdowns and isolation didn’t. But stress has also been around, since the dawn of time, but it has changed somewhat, it is more permanent now. Or so we thought.

How to Be a Free Conscious Woman Part I& Part II

with Ullis Karlsson

Blog Talk Radio

Listen for:

Yoga burnout, too much of a good thing makes us crash

Flow with your intuition

Overcome depression with love

Leaning into our own leadership 

Being in unconditional love

Sacred Sexuality Theme

at Live the Impossible Show

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