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Holy F*ck and Sacred Water: The Secret Connections to Everything is bold, cocky, and politically and socially incorrect. It is divinely channeled and imprinted with sacred codes. This book will either have you say “F*ck YES!” or it will piss you off. Or maybe even both. This book is not for the common man or woman. It is for a new generation of brave, passionate, and curious beings who know they came to Earth to make a difference and are ready to take action. Now.

A new era has arrived, and with that, more confusion and fear than ever before. This book reactivates a path of releasing the old so we can co-create a new, thriving future together. It contains very raw and vulnerable personal stories, scientific information, ancient wisdom, taboo topics, and “conspiracy” theories. This book can help you to understand the importance of purifying your own water and using your passionate fire to live your true potential.

Holy F*ck and Sacred Water could be considered a theory of Everything. Life is a multidimensional journey to master empowerment, freedom, and flow in our everyday lives. We can master these by unifying our inner spark with sacred water. This then creates the magical life force within us or what we call “The Holy F*ck.”

Holy F*ck


Sacred Water

The Secret Connections to Everything


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Vi bloggar om det nya ledarskapet, Holy F*ck, Life Design och vad som är på G hos oss. Vi, som inte är som alla andra....

We blog about the new leadership, Holy F*ck, Life Design and what is going on in our lives. We, who dare to be different....

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Holy Fuck and Sacred Water

"This book is controversial and will rattle a few cages…I love that about it!

The content resonated with me because I’ve walked a similar path to Ulrika and Tora over the past decades. I believe, like the authors, it is important to clarify that the path to awakening is not all happy happy joy joy. There’s a lot of clearing that needs to occur within first – of belief systems, old energies that no longer serve us, generational karma etc. This takes courage and commitment.

There’s an entire spectrum of emotion that comes with the human experience, as the authors point out, and this spectrum needs to be embraced before it can be released and transcended. Many people are not aware of this. They think the spiritual path is all about manifesting desires and being positive and happy all the time – at the expense of being real. This is not the case. Awakening to greater realities and a greater sense of self is messy. It’s painful and confronting. I love that this book pays homage to this. I also love the authors’ very personal stories interwoven amongst the research and groundbreaking content.

Both Tora and Ulrika have much to give when it comes to igniting sparks within others – opening people’s minds to greater possibilities in life.

Holy sexuality, the complementary masculine and feminine energies, and sacred water – these are essential aspects of our being, and mastering these can fast-track awakening. I found the authors’ research and stories (and their unique way of sharing this information) fascinating. Much of the content, I was already aware of, but while editing the manuscript, I also learned a few things – especially about the triple six energy and how it has been distorted.

What more can I say, except that I absolutely fucking loved working on this book, and I’m honoured to have played a role in its “birth”.

Juliette Lachemeier, Editor and Publisher @Erudite Pen


Holy Fck is a great f..cikng book.

It's raw, honest and dives right into the topics that have great importance in human lives at this point of time.

But keep in mind, its only for the bold ones.

Seram Saks

- Mystic & Visionary


"The silence is broken! The timing of this wonderful book is so significant. The "damned witches" are rising and claiming their powerful Magic! The divine feminine in its glory is radiating through every page. 

I was deeply moved by the authenticity, the intensity and magic of the words, the daring of the authors revealing their truth through deep wisdom and personal experiences, thus the courage of being totally open and vulnerable.

The wisdom makes such sense and the insights are presented in a beautiful, refreshing, logical and comprehensible sequence. Our dormant Codes are for sure being reactivated! Congratulations dear Goddesses!"

Sólrún Bragadóttir

- Sound Magician


"A must read. It’s a delight and relief to come across a book that is prepared to tackle what are often seen as taboo subjects that need to be bought out into the open and discussed.

The authors are honest and vulnerable as they share their own experiences, thoughts and opinions. Everything within us and around us is interconnected. How? Why? This book explains and inspires."

Pam Lob

- Author & Health transformation Genie


“An interesting book full of insights and logical explanations of what sacred water and holy f*cks are. As well as how we as complex humans are connected to everything. In the same time it is written in a humble way without claiming that what is written is true for all!

A must read book for those who are interested and curious about the unknown connections to everything! Ulrika and Tora Zophia take the reader on an exciting journey through this book and beyond!”

Dennis Larsson

- International Business Coach

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These are examples of women who typically join our MoRe programs...

LISA, 45


”Lisa is a warm and loving 45 year old woman, living the American dream. She lives in California bay area in a beautiful house with a great view over the bay. She is an ambitious and conscious leader in a big organisation and enjoy it. But do feel pressured at times. Her high expectations on herself and others, creates a nagging feeling of dissatisfaction. One of her gifts is that she is a great compassionate leader and always strive to make decisions for the greater good. Although, she feels torn between trying to balance career and family life. As Lisa has two school aged children and husband. John, Lisas husband, is a CEO in the same organisation and travels a lot. Lisa suspects he has a mistress. This increase the feeling of never being good enough and inadequate. Lisa really long to just be and relax more, and does her best to take care of her health. She does Yoga several times a week and eat healthy. Yet, her lifestyle doesn’t allow her to live fully. Lisa desires a more balanced, juicy and harmonic life. She wants to transform as much as possible of her own programs and imprints so her children won’t need to carry the same burden she has. She has now come to the point where her longings for change are greater than her comfort zone.”

We feel that Lisa is perfect for our tailor made programs as we can help Lisa to transform into a more balanced life, and a more Feminine leadership. We guide her to connect more with her compassion and love for herself. To be reconnected with her womb space so she can soften and relax her strive. Where she can become more juicy and increase her own worthiness to be empowered.

ANNE, 37


”Anne is a single vibrant 37 year old woman from Holland without kids. Earlier in her life she was deeply traumatized and have worked through loads of layers, educations and programs to heal her inner realms. Some of her traumas are still lingering and prevent her to live a life in total flow, and to have sustainable deep intimate relationships. Her relationship with her parents are a bit conditioned and strained. One of her gifts is that she is very passionate and willing to continue to grow and expand. Some of her challenges are typically being the ”good girl wanting to please everybody”. As she sees the good in people and want to “fix”, help and take responsibility for others wellbeing. She has her own studio where she teaches Ashtangayoga and give healing sessions. Anne has worked as a preschool teacher earlier. On vacations she loves to go on retreats and take on more courses. She is now fed up with not being able to have sustainable love relationships and is more than ready to transform this pattern. She longs for more inner peace, healthy boundaries, flow and passion. Anne searches for answers to be more aligned with her true nature..”

We feel that Anne is perfect for our tailor made programs as we can help Anne to clear out the last remnants of her traumas, and purify her water. So she can step out of her leftover victim and pleaser archetypes. Here she can create healthy boundaries and relationships in full empowerment.



”Christina is 63 years old, and lives in Great Copenhagen in a big house with a comfortable lifestyle. She is in a transition period both in work and family life, in between retirement and also newly divorced. Her two grown up children works, and study at the university. Christina is a regular guest teacher at Law and Human rights at Copenhagen university. She owns her own law firm with her ex husband and 20 employes. One of her gifts is her empathy and strive for a better world. Her main challenge is the polar opposite of that gift. As she has put so much time and energy into others - her family, clients and higher purpose - that she has lost herself and her needs. Christina has realised that by taking care of herself and her body she also contributes to a thriving world. Now, in this transition period, she has more space and time to really connect and nurture herself, instead of taking care of everybody else. Christina is conscious, healthy and loves to be out in nature. On vacation she goes to Spas and retreats, and hiking trips all over the world with her good friends. Christina is now curios and fully committed to new exciting aspects of life, and wants to develop her spirituality. She also wants to explore more about her womb space and her Sacred sexuality as she longs for being more present, calm, sensual and in tune with her body. She does not want to participate in common Tantra schools or too “flower power communities.”

We feel that Christina is perfect for our tailor made programs as we help Christina to clear, and silence her monkey mind. We guide her into her womb space and reconnect her with her sensuality. This allows her to be more present with a greater sense of true self with an embodied experience of spirituality.